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New applications

Stage 1: Online Application

To start a new application, please fill out the grant application form online. Please note that email or postal applications will not be considered.

You will need to have the following information ready to complete your application:

  • Evidence of your organisation’s regulatory compliance, governance, management structure, details of Trustees and significant individuals, financial viability and track record.
  • An explanation of why the proposed work is required and how the need for it has been identified.
  • Evidence of any other past, present or pending efforts to address the same/similar need.
  • Details of the specific project for which you’re applying for funding, including: how it will address this identified need; how the work will be managed; resource requirement and cost breakdown; timeline and activity milestones.
  • An explanation of precisely how past and/or present participants in the racing/ thoroughbred breeding industry would benefit from the proposed work.
  • A project funding plan, including existing and additional support (secured or unsecured).
  • A description of how the project will be assessed, including proposed monitoring and evaluation processes.

Stage 2: Submit Accounts

Once you’ve successfully completed your application, you will be given instructions on how to submit your organisation’s most recent accounts (audited, management or equivalent).

Stage 3: Supplemental Information and Interviews

In-scope applicants may be asked to submit further information and to answer specific questions as required. This may include face-to-face meetings or video calls. Once sufficient information has been provided and due diligence satisfied, the application will be considered by the Trustees at the next quarterly meeting.