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How to apply for funding - Palliative Care

How to apply for funding

Palliative Care Organisations

One of the John Pearce Foundation's areas of focus is the support of organisations which provide palliative and end-of-life care services to individuals, whether they are elderly or have a life-limiting illness, within Hong Kong or a 15-mile radius of UK horse racing centres including, but not limited to:

  • Newmarket (Suffolk);
  • Lambourn (Berkshire); or
  • Malton (North Yorkshire).

There is no set size for grants. If you are considering submitting an application, please take a few minutes to read the guidance below to ensure your project falls within the scope of our grant-giving.

What we will consider

  • Applications from both registered charities and from entities which are not registered charities;
  • Applications for project, research or core costs (including overheads);
  • Applications for capital projects;
  • Applications for one-off or single year grants;
  • Applications for multi-year grants;
  • Applications for projects which are a continuation of previous or established work;
  • Applications which are innovative or have an element of risk where the demonstrable need is great and it can be shown that the work has the potential to achieve a substantial impact.

What we will not consider

  • Applications which solely benefit individuals;
  • Applications that focus solely on advocacy;
  • Applications for retrospective funding; and
  • Applications for religious or overtly political activities and the promotion thereof.

Applications are currently open

We are accepting applications for the current funding round until June 28th, 2024.

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